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What Sets Us Apart is STEM

Sustainable renewable energy

Solar Car Project

Sustainable Transportation Energy

A major part of the Vance Curves mission is to work with student to enhance STEM education using real projects relevant to our students and the community we live in. While all STEM subjects are important, we focus on understanding sustainable energy technology related to transportation, solar powered cars. Through this branch of study we can understand how transportation effects global warming. We get to see physics principles first-hand and how to document our findings. We work with emerging technology first-hand. Most important we are hands on to improve and strengthen the learning process and improve understanding complex topics.


Working Prototype

Public testing

After we build the vehicles, we take the opportunity to test drive them where others can see what we have accomplished. The exposure helps the participants understand how important this work can be for others. We use that opportunity to learn what people need when it comes to transportation.

We are building a solar car league.

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