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Bent Trailer Repair

We can repair your trailer and get you back to work and making money again. Vance Curves can repair / replace broken wires build or install light guards. We can make additions, straighten out bent metal and replace broken lights.

A client had a trailer that was bent. What was really going on is the trailer deck was leaning to one side. He loaned his trailer to a contractor and when he got the trailer back it was leaning to one side. The deck of the trailer was lower on the left side than the right side. We checked the space between the axle and the trailer deck and that was the same on both sides. We checked for broken springs and the springs were OK. We checked to make sure none of the trailer deck supports were bent and there was no bend on any of the metal supports under the wood deck. We were able to determine the problem was in the tongue. The tongue was slightly bent on one side. The bend was so small it was not immediately obvious it was the problem. Vance curves was able to adjust the left side of the tongue to make the trailer deck level to the ground. Call or email Vance Curves when you need your trailer fixed at a reasonable price.