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Following Design

The following are the methods for steel designs by me.

When taking on a project it’s important to listen and connect then listen some more. After I do that then we can talk through solutions and consider steel as part of an answer to your project. Using steel opens endless possibilities and will help you reach your (client & designer's) goals in ways that are impossible with other materials. I will listen to what the designer professional thinks and the client, then I add my years of experience to the process. With the help of a professional designer and my experience with steel the possibilities are never-ending. I work with professional designers who study the art of design like me. These professionals have a good understanding of what works when it comes to bringing ideas to life in fantastic ways. We can make anyone’s idea work as intended. Consulting with professionals with design experience will get that project off to a good start. As a designer of steel products I take every opportunity to work with other professionals that study design and recent trends. I am a steel carpenter experienced in making custom steel products, with a background in engineering. In my metal practices I work closely with professional designers and we can bring our expert experience to your new project. Give us a try I’ll listen for free.